Vocational Ballet College NSW

A career in Classical Ballet requires many years of serious training and commitment, which usually begins during the formative years. Technique, performance experience and learning classical repertoire and choreography are the essential components of any Classical Ballet Program. 

Transition Course

This training program has been developed to cater for students who have demonstrated dedication and exceptional skills in Classical Ballet. The program is intended to provide talented ballet students from year 8, with an accelerated and prescriptive pattern of ballet training. It is a unique course that will allow each student to strengthen their level of technical skill, deepen their understanding and meet the challenges of the physical, mental and emotional demands of a career in Classical Ballet.

These essential skills are offered and further augmented in this program by broadening them to include knowledge and values that are embedded in the traditions of Classical Ballet and in the science of health for a dancer. The provision of a variety of traditional and innovative learning experiences taught by highly qualified tutors and regular monitoring and examinations, will contribute toward the student's increased level of skill, knowledge and appreciation for Classical Ballet.

The program has also been designed with consideration for the physical and emotional maturity of the young ballet student and in recognition of the importance of maintaining an engagement in academic learning. The current NESA (NSW Education Standards Authority) outcomes for Stage 5 Dance and Physical Activity and Sports Studies (PASS), have been identified as compatible and aligned where possible to the outcomes in this Classical Ballet Program. A blend of natural ability and a student's eagerness to progress should always be fostered whether it is in the field of performing arts, languages, mathematics or other subjects. Access to opportunities for enrichment, extension and acceleration in their area of talent, is vital for the student and forms the foundational values of this Program. Its conception was made in acknowledgement of the need for an enhanced training program for this student and the special place Classical Ballet has in our artistic world, past, present and future.

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Full-Time Course

With the successful completion of the Transition Course, the natural path would be to follow on to the VBC NSW full time course.

To achieve their goals, students must successfully complete all Units.

This specialisation is designed for students wishing to train in performance in the classical/contemporary field with students majoring in Classical Ballet, Contemporary Dance and Jazz. Their Units of study may include:

Classical Ballet Technique

  • Repertoire
  • Pas de Deux (elective dependent on male students)
  • Pointe
  • Contemporary Technique
  • Modern Partnering
  • Composition
  • Jazz
  • Performance
  • Health Science: Anatomy, Applied Anatomy, Diet and Nutrition
  • History of Dance
  • Communications and Personal Development
  • Personal Career Management
  • Music Appreciation