Vocational Ballet College NSW

Emma HSCStage 5 & 6 HSC Dance Workshop

The Workshop is designed to support students who are undertaking either Stage 5 or Stage 6 HSC Dance and will cover all practical and written components of Stage 6.


9am - Doors Open
Students can use this time to familiarise themselves with their environment, warm up and meet the faculty.

9.30am -10.30am - Core Composition
It is assumed the students will not have their dancer on the day and they can perform their choreography themselves. Input to assist them with the process of choreography will be discussed. That is: What is their vision for the piece and is the outcome being achieved on their dancer. Are there challenges, the details of music choice, angles of steps, theme portrayed?

10.30am-11.30am - Core Performanc
Each student will perform their composition. Discussion of Safe Dance aspects within the work as well as anatomical knowledge and language will be covered within the discussion.

11.30am - 1.00pm - Major Project 
Once again each student will present their Major work:

  • Performance: The discussion will comprise of the inspiration for the work, the motifs which are symbolic within the work. How they have been manipulated throughout the work, the dynamics within the work as a dancer and with collaboration of the music.
  • Composition: Either by video demonstration or performing his/her composition as her dancers will not be present. The tools of choreography will be discussed, pattern, call and answer, rhythm to name a few.
  • Dance and Film Technology: The student can present her / his film work and we can workshop film manipulation, the use of environment, the use of the dancer, angles and music.
  • Appreciation: Discuss the observations about the works presented for 2018.

1.00pm - 2.00pm - LUNCH

2.00pm - 5.00pm - Written Appreciation 
Jiri Kyllian's - 'Sarabande', Sue Healey - 'Fine Line'

5.00pm-5.30pm - Question and Answer- Feedback

Leslie AbrahamAbout the Lecturer

Living in Sydney as a freelance teacher with over twenty-five years’ experience. Leslie teaches open ballet classes, variations, choreograph Eisteddfod solos and groups as well as coaching of The Royal Academy of Dance Syllabus, Vocational Examinations. Leslie also lectures to support HSC Dance students as an outside tutor, undertaking The NSW Board of Studies HSC Dance Curriculum. This encompasses the choreography of Contemporary Dance solos as well as all written, core and major components of the subject, including dance and film technology. Students have displayed success in all areas including professional careers internationally. Domestically: high exam results and performance standards including ‘Call Back’ for HSC Dance.

How to enrol in the Workshop

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